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TPA Supported Living Ltd



TPA Supported Living Ltd is a family run business founded in 2018

by Paul and Tracy Allen

We have been caring for children and adults with learning disabilities for 20 years, gaining valuable experience in many areas. We have learnt a great deal from the amazing people we have supported, finding their insights and zest for life truly inspiring and this has enabled us, with their help, to deliver person-centred supported living, respite and outreach services.

The importance of quality care and understanding became increasingly apparent when trying to find the right “home” for a young adult under our care, with this in mind and with the support of our family, TPA Support Living Ltd was developed.


From the beginning, our vision has always been to provide high quality supported living opportunities, that make a real, positive difference. We truly believe that everyone needs their voice to be heard, and the vital act of listening can enable dreams to become reality and lives to grow in amazing ways.


We are proud to have served our local community as private landlords for over 16 years. Our careers have led us to work either alongside or directly with many caring organisations including Foster Agencies, Shared Lives and local Charities.


This journey has made us realise how important it is to live the life you choose and that’s why our work and services place you at the heart of all we do.


Paul and Tracy Allen

Our vision

A world where everyone is valued equally and live the life they choose.


Our mission

To provide high quality supported living opportunities to enhance, enable and promote local community living.


Our aim

To be strong advocates for the people we support, so that their voices are heard. 

Our values

  • Caring
    We treat everyone with respect and kindness

  • Enthusiastic
    We believe that with the right support anything is possible

  • Dedicated
    The people we support are at the heart of all we do

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